All of us without exception, encounter difficult events and troubling times at some point in our lives. Talking to someone who will listen in a safe, unbiased and confidential environment can help us find clarity and make the changes we need, to move on.

Counselling is an opportunity to explore problems or issues in your life. These may be either from the past, or present moment. I would hope the process would offer a chance for you to be heard and hopefully, to be understood.

I believe that with the right support, we all have the potential to make the changes we need, in order to discover one's fullest potential.  This is possible when we feel valued and respected for who and what we are. I therefore aim to provide a safe, secure and non-judgemental space where change can take place.

All new clients are seen for an initial half hour free consultation, with no obligation to proceed further.  This allows a client to experience being with me and allows me to gain a clearer picture of a clients needs and history, in order to clarify that i can be of help.